"Wipomo" stands for "Wireless Power in Motion"

Wipomo stands for “Wireless Power in Motion”, however, our definition of wireless power goes beyond inductive power transfer and includes technologies that can improve energy efficiency and versatility in transportation and buildings, like solar power, electric vehicles, emergency backup and microgrids.

"Power when you want it, where you want it, day or night - even during a utility blackout."

Our mission is to deliver clean-air technology solutions that reduce energy use, maintenance costs, and emissions.

Wipomo's Energy Ecosystem puts you "On the Road to Energy Independence". Save money, create jobs, make your own energy, and no more blackouts!

Join the Energy Ecosystem where it makes the most sense for you and never again be at the mercy of astronomical energy rate hikes.


Charlie Johnson
Charlie_johnson Founder, CEO

A dedicated researcher of alternative fuels with experience in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle conversions. Charlie's background is in software engineering and database management. His experiences include an e-commerce IPO, a $1 Billion UCSD giving campaign, and "The President's Club" in equipment sales. As a Board Member of the San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES), a local chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), Charlie promotes community participation and education in energy efficiency projects.

Core Team

sam syed
Sam_syed Team Partner, Electrical Engineer, NABCEP Certified PV Installer, Owner of Green Energy EPC.

Sam has trained a community of over 200 licensed contractors, project developers, business owners and home owners how to install solar photovoltaic systems; many earning NABCEP accreditation, the highest standard of certification in the solar industry.

Ron Gremban
Ron_gremban Product Certification, Control Systems and Electrical Engineering

As the Technology Lead for CalCars.org, Ron’s team created the world’s first Plug-In Prius. Ron’s open source Plug-In conversion guide birthed an industry. Ron will lead product certification and testing.

Roger Davenport
Roger_davenport Team Partner, Electrical Engineer / Control Systems Engineer

Co-owner of Butler Sun Solutions, Inc. Expertise in research and development of Battery Management Systems and electrical control systems. Roger will lead control systems development.

Paul Cobb
Paul_cobb Co-Founder, lead architect for energy efficiency websites.

Awarded $500K California Solar Initiative grant. 10 years R&D engineering for communications and government defense projects. Founder and V.P. of Engineering at SaveEnergy123.com.

Daniel Sherwood
Daniel_sherwood Co-Founder of Boulder Hybrid Conversions.

Daniel’s electrical engineering background includes Battery Management Systems and control systems.

Susan McLucas
Susan_mclucas Technical Writer

A dedicated and enthusiastic technical writer with over 12 years experience in the software industry. Susan has strong analytical and organizational abilities and is experienced in prioritizing and completing numerous responsibilities while meeting time and budget targets.

Patrick Armitage
Patrick_armitage Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer, Alumni of Cal State, Las Angeles

Experience with projects such as Nick, Jr™'s "Yo, Gabba Gabba!"

Joseph Ocampo
Joseph_ocampo Marketing Research and Planning

Joseph is a founding member of the Renewable Energy Society, a UCSD campus chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, Joseph is the project leader for the ESW / Sun Edison "Green Island" Solar Vehicle Charging Station at UCSD, a project that Wipomo is supporting.

Tatiana Freiin von-Rheinbaben
Tatiana_freiin_von-rheinbaben Social Networking, Energy Research

Tatiana, a UCSD undergraduate student of Molecular Biology, shares evidence of the inevitable global transition to renewable energy via Wipomo's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube feeds.

Sabastian Johnson
Sabastian_johnson Video documentation (Intern)

Sabastian is a long time consumer of renewable energy, from Flight Simulator to Vindictus, and from Futurama to Facebook.

Board Advisers

Felix Kramer
Felix_kramer Founder of CalCars.org; published the Plug-In conversion method.

Felix is an Alternative Vehicle industry expert, government policy liaison, entrepreneur with e-commerce exit.

Dan Gibbs
Dan_gibbs CEO and Co-Founder of Home Town Farms™. Dan was a Co-Inventor of the Self Heating Container technology and served as Vice President of Business Development for OnTech Inc. Dan is a current Advisory Board member of San Diego State University (SDSU) Water Conservation Advisory Board, Provide industry expertise in the best use of water and land in urban and city areas.
Barry Butler, PhD
Barry_butler Co-owner/Founder of Butler Sun Solutions, Inc.

Internationally recognized solar-thermal heat and power expert. Numerous patents and grant awards in energy efficiency, renewable energy. SDRES Board Member.

Jay Groves, PhD
Jay_groves Professor of Chemistry UC Berkeley, Faculty Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Was the Lead Principle Investigator on a large DOE program project in alternative energy since 2002.

Paul Guzyk
Paul_guzyk Co-Founder of Boulder Hybrid Conversions.

20+ years entrepreneurial experience in IT, automotive, and related technologies. Experience growing a self-funded startup then selling to a public company.

Michelle Cobb
Michelle_cobb 20 years of experience evaluating new business opportunities, developing market introduction strategies, and leading teams to successful high-tech launches.


Special thanks to our past team members and contributors: Abraham Reynaga, Ann Johnson, Alberto Boretti, Cameron Crow, Cindy Davenport, Danny Smith, Deris Jeanette, Dave Lettvin, Davide Ziviani, John Benya, John Pagano, Ryan King, Suzana Corritori, Terri Steele.

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