Solar Power Is Part Of The Energy Ecosystem

Wipomo knows that solar power is part of a much bigger picture: we call it the Energy Ecosystem. We bring solar power, battery backup, electric vehicle conversion and other energy efficient solutions to the market.

It’s Now Official: Solar Power Costs Less Than Utility Power

2012 was a big year for California: it’s when solar power passed parity. Parity means that regardless of how much power you use today, it is less expensive to produce your own power with a solar photovoltaic system than it is to purchase power from the utility. It doesn't matter whether you pay at the lowest rates, solar power is still going to be cheaper. Now that California is past parity there's no need to wait - Get Your Energy Analysis Today.

Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic + Electric Vehicle

By eliminating their energy bills, the average family can save enough money to put a child through college. We’re talking about roughly $250,000 over the lifetime of the system. Are you skeptical? Then challenge us prove it.

San Diego's (Your) Road to Energy Independence

Wipomo is bringing solar power, battery backup and electrical vehicle integration to the hottest market in the United States. The great blackout of September 2011 taught (us all) San Diegans to be better prepared for the next emergency. A power outage can be a matter of life and death. Your electric vehicle can be part of the solution, providing more backup power, for extended emergencies, and the vehicle pays for itself in reduced fuel costs. Request your free energy analysis today.

The energy ecosystem brings big benefits to everyone, since you can join it wherever it makes the most sense for you. And we can help you figure that out. Start with an Energy Analysis, to find out where you can start saving right away. See the LED Lighting example below. Save money on your solar installation by reducing your electricity consumption before you buy!

LED Lighting Saves 10X on solar photovoltaic system cost

Wipomo's Ethical Energy Efficiency Experts will help you to lower your electric bill before you invest in a solar photovoltaic system. If your goal is to eliminate your electric bill, the most cost effective approach is energy efficiency + renewable energy. Want an example? For every $1 you spend on LED lighting to replace incandescent lighting, you can save up to $10 on your solar system purchase. Replace all of your incandescent bulbs for $1,000 like Tyler Forbes in Solana Beach, you can save $10,000 on your solar system cost. What happens to the installer's revenue and the commission check? It goes down. This is called "Ethical Sales", and that's what we do at Wipomo. We recommend simple and affordable energy efficiency improvements to the homeowner or business owner, to lower the cost and improve the return on investment.

Join The Energy Ecosystem Where It Makes The Most Sense For You

The choice is yours. Wipomo's Energy Ecosystem helps you create a continuous flow of energy from solar power and electric vehicles to power your home, your business and your life. Whether you start by generating power, heating your water, driving on electricity, or convert your vehicle to export power, you will quickly be on the road to energy independence.

Coming To San Diego

You're Invited to a Blackout Party!

The great blackout of 2011 taught San Diegans to be better prepared for the next emergency. 30,000 grid-tied San Diego solar system owners lost power during the blackout - even though the sun was shining! Did you spend hours driving through dangerous streets searching for ice to protect your food? For people with medical conditions, a blackout could be life-threatening. Come to our events this summer to see how Wipomo's Energy Ecosystem solves the utility problem everyone has. Our zero emissions battery backup system awakens your solar array, while the sun is shining. We can upgrade your electric vehicle (or hybrid or plug-in hybrid) to provide power during extended utility outages, to keep the lights on for up to 7 days.

The Solar Slider with Energy Ecosystem.

If your phone has died in the middle of nowhere or your electric vehicle (EV) is low with nowhere to charge, fear not: the Solar Slider is coming to a community near you! The Solar Slider is a mobile solar power station designed to charge anything that plugs in to a regular outlet, from a clock or blender to an EV. Built by the Solar Slider Team of undergraduates from UC San Diego, Wipomo has upgraded the system to provide, quite possibly, the world's first Vehicle-to-Vehicle charging. Look for the Solar Slider at community events to learn more about solar, electric vehicles, backup energy storage and energy efficiency for your home or business while you charge your phone.

Take the Solar Survey to earn up to $250.

Share your thoughts about solar technology by taking our Solar Survey, and you'll earn up to $250 off your solar photovoltaic system installation.

Manufacturing, Distribution And Installation Partners

We use Solar World and LG modules. Here's why:

Any solar installer can get any module available in the world's catalogs. The difference between the highest quality and the lowest quality modules is a few pennies per watt. Why would you want anything but the best?

Solar Partnership with Green Energy EPC

Sam Syed, owner of Green Energy EPC, has started and trained a community of over 200 photovoltaic systems installers and project developers in San Diego. Many of his students earn NABCEP accreditation, the highest standard of certification in the solar industry for photovoltaic systems installation. The values that Sam teaches in the classroom are the same values that Green Energy upholds outside of the classroom; "Ethical Sales, Quality Installation, and Integrity". That's why we are pleased to announce our partnership with Green Energy EPC for San Diego residential solar photovoltaic systems installations.

We use Enphase MicroInverters, or SMA or Outback string inverters. Here's why:

Excellent technical and customer support is what to expect with SMA, Outback and Enphase. A 25 year warranty on Enphase and up to 20 year warranty on SMA. You'll make payback. If the equipment fails, you're covered. Any solar installer is familiar with Enphase, SMA and Outback and will be able to service it.

Solar Partnership with Butler Sun Solutions, Inc.

Game-changing innovation in the solar water heating industry hasn't happened since the 1970's. Dr. Barry Butler and Roger Davenport have invented a game changing solar water heating solution that costs half as much as solar thermal water heating excluding rebates. That's not surprising, because Butler Sun Solutions has been solving the world's energy issues for years. Why do you want to work with Wipomo? Because we partner with the innovators that make energy efficiency more affordable, through simplicity, reduced maintenance and easy installation.

Solar PV Wand is a Hot Water Game-Changer

The solar thermal hot water industry is on life support because the payback is 10 years or more. Butler Sun Solutions has patented a game changing solar PV hot water system that costs half as much as a solar thermal hot water system EXCLUDING rebates. Forget about the complexity of solar thermal hot water; storing water above your roof, plumbing parts, added weight and cost. With Dr. Butler's system, your hot water tank will become a hybrid. Solar heats your water from low voltage DC current. You can retrofit your tank all by yourself or we'd be happy to install it for you. It works for electric water heater tanks as well.

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